EyeQ Somerset West

EyeQ optometrists Somerset Mall

Our EyeQ Somerset West store is the latest addition to the EyeQ family. With an already established footprint throughout Cape Town, EyeQ has reached out to bring the best of eyecare to the people of Helderberg through the opening of our Somerset Mall branch.

Located at Shop 209 Somerset Mall, in the central part of the mall, we are the Eye store directly opposite the i-store in Somerset Mall.

Whether you’re looking for the latest sunglasses for summer, need new prescription glasses or simply want to update your current frames you’re sure to find what you’re looking for at EyeQ optometrists Somerset Mall. We stock a wide range of different labels extending from classic to contemporary with all the latest designs from the world’s hottest fashion houses.

But it’s not just about amazing products and eyewear, it’s also about service!

At EyeQ Somerset Mall we’re open seven days a week for your convenience, we have incorporated an onsite optical lab offering a 1-hour turnaround time for certain glasses and lens fabrications, and our professional Optometry team are always available to assist, advise and guide you in finding the right eyewear and the perfect eyecare solutions for your needs.

Our extensive eye examinations not only cover the requirements for a prescription, they also address any health concerns and can pin-point issues that you may experience now, or later on. We offer a comprehensive eye testing service that covers a full spectrum of eye health issues, including glaucoma, colour vision, depth perception and visual field screening. Early detection of certain eyecare conditions can have massive benefits, and at EyeQ optometrists Somerset Mall we help you look after your eye health in every way possible.