Understanding Eye Tests

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Understanding Eye Tests

Optometrists play a vital role in your eye health and can diagnose, detect and treat eye conditions that may affect your vision. Here at EyeQ we offer a full spectrum of eye tests that cover a myriad of potential health issues, and are often able to identify conditions that require referrals to ophthalmologists. Our eye tests are incredibly thorough, and we make use of state of the art equipment and technology to provide a premium eye care service.

In addition to the standard eye health and eye tests, EyeQ also offers consultations and assessments for a variety of different vision-related issues. These include paediatric assessments, low vision evaluations and a host of other consultation options.

Schedule An Eye Test

Whether you wear glasses or not, it’s recommended that you have an eye test every two years. For people who wear prescription glasses or contact lenses it’s important to ensure the prescription does not need to be adjusted, and for those who don’t wear glasses, the need may have arisen, or there may be an underlying eye condition that could be identified.

At EyeQ we offer comprehensive eye exams that usually take around 20 to 30 minutes. During these eye exams we not only check your vision, but also ascertain whether you have any general eye health issues.

What Happens During An Eye Test?

When you book an eye test at EyeQ you can rest assured you’ll be looked after by a professional, friendly optometrist who will take the time to address your concerns, test your eyes and work out what style of glasses or type of contact lenses best suit you.

At the start of every eye exam the optometrist will chat to you about your concerns, your reasons for having your eyes tested, and your general eye health history. This helps the optometrist gain a better understanding and ascertain if there’s any one area in particular that’s causing a problem.

Checking Your Eyes Out

The optometrist will then thoroughly examine your eyes inside and outside in order to assess their health, and determine if there are any underlying conditions. Using an ophthalmoscope, the optometrist will shine light onto you pupil to study the eyes internal structures, and your reflexes. The interior and exterior of the eye may also be photographed if the optometrist deems this necessary.

Your eyesight will be tested too, and along with the usual reading of the chart, you’ll be shown different shapes and colours through various lenses. This determines your eyes strength, picks up any weaknesses and assists the optometrist in deciding what type of prescription you’d require.

Your near and far vision will be tested, and if you already have contact lenses or glasses, your eyes will be tested with and without. There will also be a series of tests that focus on your eye co-ordination and movement, as good muscle balance is essential.

After The Eye Test

Once you have completed your eye exam at EyeQ we’ll talk you through your options and, if you need glasses we’ll assist you in selecting frames that suit your style and face. If you opt for contact lenses we’ll also happily help with fittings and make sure you are able to use them with ease.

Come in to EyeQ and take an eye test. Your eye health is of the utmost importance, and we’re here to ensure you see clearly.

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