Top Tips for New Contact Lens Wearers

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Contact Lenses

Top Tips for New Contact Lens Wearers

At EyeQ our Optometrists can help you decide what type of contact lenses are best for you. Whether you opt for hard or soft lenses, daily disposables or longer wearing options there is sure to be a product that suits your lifestyle.

However, making the change from glasses to contacts, or simply starting out with contacts as your first point of call can be tricky, and EyeQ offers a full fitting service to help you out. Once you leave our store you should feel confident in your ability to put in and take out your contacts, but we thought that we’d give you a few pointers just in case you need a refresher!

Putting In Contacts

At first, putting contact lenses in may seem a bit daunting, but after a few tries you’ll soon get the hang of it. These tips will ensure a hassle free experience:

  • Don’t be scared to touch your eyes, but always make sure your hands are clean
  • Create a habit that sees you always put the first lens into the same eye. If you always start on the right you won’t get confused.
  • If you are struggling to put your contacts in, ask a friend who wears them to demonstrate. Sometimes, seeing how someone else does it makes it easier to understand.
  • Make sure your contact lenses are clean. If you are using dailies they should come out the packet and into your eyes, and if you are opting for a longer wear pair make sure that the solution has cleaned them properly..

Quick Problem Solvers

If you can feel the lens in your eye there is something wrong, and you may need to take them out and put them in again. If you are uncomfortable or can feel the lens make sure that:

  • The lens is clean
  • That you have put it in the right way round.
  • That an eyelash hasn’t got caught behind the lens.
  • The lens is not damaged.

Wearing contacts may take some time to get used to and if your eyes are feeling a bit dry, there are several ways you can alleviate this. Air conditioning, pollution, staring too long at a computer and a number of other factors can cause your eyes to dry out when wearing contacts. If your eyes are dry you can:

  • Use rewetting drops to keep your eyes moist
  • Drink lots of water to ensure you are hydrated.
  • Blink often to maintain the layer of moisture that occurs naturally in your eyes.
  • Opt for contact lenses that are designed to keep your eyes well lubricated..

Good Eye Care Habits

When you wear contacts there are a few good habits you can acquire:

  • Always wash your hands with an anti bacterial soap and dry them with a lint free towel before putting in or taking out your contacts
  • Don’t rub your eyes.
  • Clean, disinfect and store your contacts properly.
  • Do not wear lenses for longer than your optometrist advises you to.
  • Do not sleep in lenses unless you have been instructed that you can.
  • Have an eye test annually to ensure that your lens prescription has not changed..

EyeQ stocks a selection of contact lenses from leading brands like Alcon, Bausch & Lomb and CooperVision, so whenever you’re ready to see clearly, we’re here to help!

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