Top Make Up Tips for Glasses Wearers

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Top Make Up Tips for Glasses Wearers

Wearing glasses and applying make up isn’t always easy, and for first-time glasses wearers it can be a little daunting! EyeQ has come up with a list of handy tips to help those who wear glasses really rock their look!

Pick Phenomenal Frames

At EyeQ you’ll find frames for every shape face, in every style and colour. You can choose frames that define your look, and whether you prefer Prada or Mykita, Oliver Peoples or Armani, we can ensure you frame your face flawlessly. You can consider your glasses as a kind of make-up – they can enhance your features, highlight your good points and detract from any flaws.

Choose The Right Brushes

You’re wearing glasses so you can see clearly, but when applying make-up, it isn’t always easy to work behind frames. The shape and size of your brushes can make application so much simpler, so if you need to be close to the mirror opt for shorter brushes, and if you need a bit of distance, opt for longer handled applicators. Good brush control is crucial to smooth application, and if you find brushes that work for you, they will be worth their weight in gold.

Luscious Lashes

When you apply eye make-up it’s always a good idea to be a little heavier handed than you would if you were not wearing glasses. You want to enhance your eyes, so you may need a little more mascara, or to go a shade darker with your eye shadow to ensure that your eyes really stand out. It’s also a great idea to stick to volumising mascara to get your lashes thicker, rather than longer, as then they may brush against your lenses and leave smears.

Get Great Eyebrows

Your glasses will highlight your brow bone and thus, your eyebrows need to always look good. Ray Ban’s brow line style eyewear is a great example of glasses that accentuate your eyebrows, and we suggest you always keep your brows well maintained, and in perfect shape to match.

Bold Lips Rule

If you like the no make look but still want to add a splash of colour, bright lips are a great idea. Your glasses already act as a fashion accessory, so what better compliment than lips that stand out and flatter even further? You don’t have to opt for a bright hue either, a nice natural colour looks great with dark frames, and even a coat of sheer gloss can enhance your look.

Cute Cat Eye

A cat eye flick at the corner of the eye has become very popular, and it works really well with glasses. Your eyes will appear bigger as the flick outwards will accentuate them, and you can align the flick at different angles for different effects. Even if you opt for a more traditional straight across eyeliner, always try and match the thickness of your liner to the thickness of your frames, this way you won’t create a look that’s too overpowering.

When choosing your frames at EyeQ keep all of the above in mind and select a pair that will work with your preferred make up style. We’re ready to help you make the selection.

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