The Gift of Sight

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The Gift of Sight

The festive season is one that’s associated with giving and although good eyesight is something many of us take for granted, it’s also something those less fortunate often struggle with, with no reprieve.

At EyeQ we want everyone to see clearly and to enjoy the benefits of good vision. That’s why we involve ourselves in a number of charity projects that aid those less fortunate who otherwise could not afford glasses or eye care. Our involvement with OneSight, the #UNBLUR Life campaign and World Sight Day initiatives are just a few ways we can help, and so can you.

Addressing The Problem

Reports by the U.S Centres for Disease Control and Prevention have proven that vision problems are the most disabling condition amongst school children, and if this is true in America, a country that’s considered first world, it’s safe to say that it’s true across the globe.

In developing countries eye care is not something that is considered a priority as often facilities and treatment options are few and far between. Charity programs have however made great in roads in giving the gift of sight to underprivileged children and adults, and it’s made a huge impact in many peoples lives and their futures.

A Need For Clear Vision

Poor eyesight can be a huge stumbling block and the need for glasses or contact lenses is often not addressed until it’s though that a child has a learning disability or behavioural issue. Often, it’s as simple as not being able to see the blackboard or what is being taught, and an eye test and glasses would make the world of difference.

An estimated 8% of our sensory connection with the world is through our eyes, and as a child’s vision develops their early experiences combine with genetics to shape the brains architecture. If vision is poor or deteriorates during this time a person may develop brain development issues that are due to developmental delays. If eyesight remains poor and is not corrected, a person’s chance at a normal life is reduced and their mental capacity diminished somewhat.

If left untreated, poor eyesight can lead to:

  • Cognitive Issues
  • Social Issues
  • Developmental Issues
  • Stunted educational growth
  • Loss of opportunity

Programs that support healthy vision development and offer eye tests, glasses and other eye care to those who otherwise cannot afford it can make a huge difference in the path a child’s life takes. A child who cannot see properly will struggle to learn, and is always at a disadvantage. If something as simple as poor eyesight can be corrected by giving the child glasses, their chance of a brighter future is so much better.

For adults, poor eyesight is also a major hindrance, and although many of the charitable programs focus on children, they also assist those who are older and need eye care. Adults are also at risk of developing glaucoma, cataracts and other similar issues and often a little bit of medical assistance and treatment can change things for the better.

The gift of sight is something that everyone can help make happen, and if you want to get involved with a charitable program, make a donation or find out more you can always chat to us at EyeQ to find out more.

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