Selecting the Right Sunglasses for Sport

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Selecting the Right Sunglasses for Sport

In South Africa a huge number of sporting events take place annually and professional and amateur athletes take to the track, road or field to compete. With events like Iron Man, the Two Oceans, the Comrades Marathon, the Argus and the Cape Epic on the cards, the need for quality sports appropriate eyewear is ever present.

Depending on their purpose, sunglasses differ drastically in function and form, and when choosing a pair it’s essential you make a well-informed decision. At EyeQ you’ll find a large range of sunglasses for a variety of different sporting activities, and our trained optometrists can ensure you find the right type.

Sporting Considerations

For sportsmen, selecting a pair of sunglasses is the same as finding the right shoes or outfit. The fit must be perfect, not hamper vision, and be durable enough to withstand the required amount of impact.

Brands like Oakley and Ray Ban feature ranges with a number of sports-specific suited sunglasses. All you need to do is assess your requirements and work out what will allow you to maximise your performance whilst still provide adequate protection.

When looking for a pair of sports sunglasses, consider:

Lens colour: Different colour lenses work well for different reasons. Green and grey lenses can make everything clearer, whilst polarised lenses provide clarity and cut glare, especially when engaging in water-based activities.

Lens construction: For high impact sports, polycarbonate lenses are best as they scratch less and are stronger. If no impact is involved, glass or plastic lenses are more than adequate.

Frame construction: If you are involved in a high impact sport, nylon frames are ideal. Lightweight frames also suit most sports and are more comfortable long term.

Sunglasses By Sport

To give you a head start in choosing the right sunglasses, take a look at what options are suggested for some of the most popular sports.

Cycling: Generally cyclists prefer wrap around frames that provide no resistance and are lightweight and non-slip. Frames with interchangeable lenses are particularly popular as cycling in the rain can be very different to riding in the sun, and terrain conditions are always a consideration

Running: Non-slip lightweight sunglasses are ideally suited to running, and the wearer shouldn’t be able to feel them move with every step. For runners, fit is especially important as ill-fitting glasses can cause headaches. Green, brown and grey lenses are preferred over very light or very dark tints.

Tennis: Impact resistant, shatterproof sunglasses are first prize, as they not only provide protection from the sun, but also from an errant ball. Wide lenses are ideal as they allow for optimal viewing, and a wrap around style is generally best suited to this sport.

Golf: Rimless or semi rimless frames are a golfers first choice as they provide an unhindered view of the course. Polarized lenses are preferable, but this is often down to personal choice.

Water Sports: For any water-based sports, non-slip frames are essential. Polarised lenses are also a plus, whilst the larger the frames, the better, as this blocks out water, wind and any other debris.

Cricket and Field Sports: Wraparound sunglasses with a non-slip silicone nosepiece are perfect for field sports. Wider frames are also recommended, as are high impact lenses that wont shatter if a ball hits them.

Equip yourself with sunglasses from EyeQ that are suited to your sporting lifestyle and you’ll certainly see the difference.

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