Ray Ban’s New Collection 2015 – 2016

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Ray Ban’s New Collection 2015 – 2016

Ray Ban is practically a house hold name and it’s that way not only because it’s been around since 1937, but because every year they strive to improve both the look and feel of their sunglasses, as well as improve the quality with new innovative technologies.

This has in a way, secured Ray Ban sunglasses a position amongst the top eyewear brands in the world and to this day they continue to stand as an icon in the fashion industry.

This year sees the next wave of Ray Ban sunglasses on their way. Ray Ban have recently announced their new collection that will be released for the end of 2015 and leading into 2016. For those of you that are interested in what Ray Ban is offering, head down to one of our EyeQ shops in Cape Town or Pretoriaand ask to see the latest Ray Ban’s on sale.

Ray Ban’s Autumn / Winter Collection

Ray Ban return in 2015 with their latest “Autumn / Winter collection” of sunglasses that combines old school vintage charm with the new school contemporary spirit. This collection will see new version of old classics such as the Ray-Ban Aviator, Ray-Ban Wayfarer and Ray-Ban Clubmaster sunglasses and come in a new variety of colours and metal combinations.

We all know the classics have become classic for a reason – but Ray Ban are determined to improve on those retro styles by revisiting the brand’s origin’s and creating new variations of the some of the most distinguishing sunglasses in memory.

New Models Of Ray Ban Round

Another way that Ray Ban seem keen to combine old school with newer more contemporary designs, is by introducing new styles based around the more evocative and simple round shape. This new look collection sees a return of the older more retro styled round shapes and sees these designs reinterpreted with newer more experimental materials.

Today’s fashion proves once again that we have come full circle following the cyclical evolutions of these period inspired shapes. This time however, Ray Ban combine the retro style with modern technology to provide a variety of round inspired cross segment styles. These new designs boast state of the art Light Ray 2.0 Made in Titanium and new Liteforce technology.

Ray Ban’s Spring / Summer Collection

Never straying far from their origins, Ray Ban have also announced the release of their “Spring / Summer collection for 2016” that will be available soon at EyeQ. In this release we see timeless iconic shapes and designs for both optical and sun styles, improved with innovative new technology and state of the art features for maximum style and comfort. Famous shapes like the Ray-Ban Aviator, Shooter, Outdoorsman and Caravan see improvements with fine Arista gold profiles, classic Havana acetate details and original gradient grey and G15 lenses. This collection embodies the very definition of cool, functional quality!

The final highlight of the Spring/Summer collection is a brand new Active sun frame featuring a light, super-sporty nylon fibre shape with matt finish frontals, brushed aluminium temples and a wide variety of lenses, including original colours on premium crystal and polar variants for the ultimate in functional urban style.

So if Ray Ban is your thing and you are looking to invest in the latest iconic contemporary style sunglasses, head down to EyeQ and have a look at what we have in stock for you, or call ahead on 0861 693 937 and ask us!

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