Philippe Starck Designs at EyeQ

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Philippe Starck Designs at EyeQ

It’s fascinating listening to Philippe Starck talk about design philosophy and why he does what he does. Mr. Starck is well known for bringing many functional designs to the world in a variety of arenas from toothbrushes to furniture, but what interests us most here at EyeQ is his team effort with good friend Alain Mikli to design beautifully functional eye glasses.

We spoke earlier this week about the availability of Alain Mikli here in South Africa at select EyeQ stores, and how his designs have influenced fashion and perceptions across the globe. So combine what we know about Alain Mikli and bring those ideas together with Philippe Starck’s design philosophies and what is ultimately created is something absolutely unique and marvellous.

Phillippe Starck Makes Eyewear

As testimony to his need to create practical & simplistic design, Starck himself was the son of an aeronautical engineer and studied at École Camondo in Paris. His entire history and career has pushed him towards being hailed as one of the top modern designers in today’s culture, always rethinking everyday objects and trying to improve on their already accepted designs.

It was this philosophy that led Philippe to partner with his friend Alain Mikli to create an entirely new range of eye glasses that amalgamate design with practical usability. This design range was to be named “Starck Eyes” and has been a major success over the years.

Get Your Starck Eyes Glasses At EyeQ

Along with the Alain Mikli range, it is our pleasure to announce that the Starck Eyes collection is now also available at select EyeQ stores here in South Africa. You can request to see these incredible eyewear designs at the following optometry stores in Cape Town:

• EyeQ Cavendish Square 
• EyeQ V&A Waterfront 
• EyeQ Canal Walk

If you are unable to visit the store direct, why not contact one of our leading optometrists by e-mailing or calling them direct? We at EyeQ endeavour to provide the best eye health and eye care services to everyone in South Africa. No matter where you are, we will strive to assist you in any way we can.

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