Oakley’s Green Fade Olympic Collection Give Athletes the Edge

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Oakley’s Green Fade Olympic Collection Give Athletes the Edge

Californian based sunglasses and sportswear manufacturer Oakley has always endeavoured to produce the highest quality eyewear for sports men and women.

Their new Green Fade Collection is once again testament to the brand’s dedication to excellence and will make its debut at the 2016 Summer Olympics taking place in Rio.

During the Olympics, athletes sponsored by Oakley will preview the Green Fade Collection. The Oakley Collection comprises of 6 styles and brings back the vibrant green colours that were first featured in the brands 1980’ s eyewear. This time around however, the lenses have been re mastered and the frames re invented, and each pair features Prizm Lens, a technology that enhances contrast and has been developed especially to fine tune vision for sporting environments.

Superior Sports Sunglasses

Oakley is owned by Luxottica, the world’s largest eyewear brand that’s responsible for bringing you sunglasses and prescription frames from brands such as Ray Ban, Prada, Dolce and Gabbana and Versace.

Since it was founded in 1975, the brand has strived to use state of the art technology to improve its product and to aid and assist sportsmen in enhancing their performance. Their new Green Fade sunglasses are designed to give athletes the edge, and whether its highlighting white lines on the track or clarifying the fairways subtle undulations, these lenses filter light and create what could be considered an artificial colour spectrum, optimising the environment and enhancing its important features.

By modifying certain colours and downplaying others, Olympian hopefuls will have a better view of the playing field or track and be able to perform at their peak optically.

The Science Of Sunglasses

When it comes to creating stylish, sporty sunglasses or prescription frames, Oakley is always a step ahead, but it’s their Prizm lens technology that really makes them stand out.

In order to minimise distractions visually, wavelengths in the electromagnetic spectrum that affects vision must be altered. Some of the wavelengths are shorter, such as blue or violet, whilst some like red and orange are longer. Oakley has developed technology that allows them to use specific dyes in the polycarbonate they create their lenses from in order to alter opacity and transparency of specified wavelengths. This allows the wearer of their sunglasses to see subtle nuances of colour that would otherwise be missed by the naked eye.

Generally, the Prizm lenses have between 3 and 4 distinct peaks that affect their light transmission profile. By highlighting these peaks a gap is created on either side of a wavelength and instead of seeing washed out landscapes or flat surfaces, every detail stands out and is crystal clear. For athletes this is ideal as it makes seeing clearly that much simpler and there’s no visual disturbance or trick of the eye that can affect their performance. A loss of colour may in some cases be considered a negative, but for athletes it’s a bonus as it reduces the chances of being distracted.

Rio is renowned for its warm temperatures and sunny skies, so Oakley’s Green Fade Collection could give athletes an advantage and as well as seeing green, they may just see gold too.

For more information on Oakley sunglasses and prescription glasses, chat to an EyeQ professional and ensure you maximise your sporting prowess and look good while doing so too!

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