Oakley Promotions in the Spotlight this Month

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Oakley Promotions in the Spotlight this Month

We all know the name Oakley has been synonymous with high quality sunglasses for as long as we can all remember. And once again we are being shown why Oakley have maintained that prime spot in our minds for so long.

This month and leading into December, Oakley sunglasses are stepping up their game by once again making you (the customer) their number one focus.

Expect to see a series of fun activities and promotions come your way as the ramp up to Christmas begins. EyeQ Progressive Optometry is partnering with Oakley to bring you Oakley Prescription Sunglasses at reduced prices along with a few free titbits along the way.

Oakley Activation Promotion

Get ready for Christmas with Oakley as you take part in the Oakley Activation promotion being held in the V&A Waterfront Centre Court starting today! From the 24th of November to the 7th December 2015, Oakley (in conjunction with EyeQ), Oakley have set up a skate board ramp in Waterfront’s centre court for you to enjoy. While the ramp is not necessarily for skating, you can stand at the top of the ramp wearing POV goggles and see what it must be like to do some crazy tricks in first person.

Along with the skateboard ramp you will find an Oakley store selling all the latest Oakley prescription glasses on offer this summer. But for the next few days they won’t be on sale at the regular price! Expect to see Oakley’s collection at reduced prices in the V&A Waterfront centre court only, with an offer to reduce prices even further the more Oakley sunglasses you buy. Experience Oakley like you’ve never seen before… What a treat!

Get yourself down to the V&A Waterfront today and have a look at what Oakley have on offer before the 7th of December and you might just have found that perfect affordable Christmas gift for your loved one this year.

Limited Edition Ray Ban & Oakley Gifts

On top of that, Ray Ban and Oakley have partnered with EyeQ once more to bring to you a free gift promotion at EyeQ stores only. For this Christmas, both Ray Ban and Oakley are offering a limited edition free gift with each purchase of their product.

For Ray Ban, should you buy any one of their polarised sunglasses at any one of our EyeQ stores before stocks run out, you will receive a free Ray Ban branded beach towel for free. On the other hand should you decide to invest in some of Oakley’s prescription sunglasses, you will receive a free Oakley branded limited edition water bottle to compliment your active lifestyle.

These promotions are on offer till the end of November or until stocks run out, so don’t delay and head down to your nearest EyeQ store today to get your free limited edition gift with your purchase.

Christmas is fast heading our way and EyeQ will be offering a series of mind blowing promotions as we get closer to the 25th of December. So make sure you visit one of our stores in Cape Town or Pretoria and chat with one of our professional optometrist to see what deals we have in store for you this holiday.

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