The new Vario Lens from Adidas

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The new Vario Lens from Adidas

For those of us that enjoy an active lifestyle, we often find ourselves planning our activities based on the weather. If it’s hot and sunny we take our sunglasses and sun cream, if it’s cold we make sure we have spare warm clothes.

But planning a trip and taking your eyes into consideration when looking at the forecasted weather is not really that easy, besides carrying around more than one pair of glasses is nothing more than a chore. But what if your glasses could change with the weather?

Adidas have announced a new range of lenses that are now available at EyeQ. The vario lenses are designed to change with the weather conditions, or more accurately with the light. Gone are the days when you have to pack two or three pairs of glasses for the road and manually swap them out when you need to. The new vario lens will rapidly react to light fluctuations, dynamically providing you with the clearest vision possible at all times of the day or night.

One Day – One Lens

We South Africans relish any opportunity to get outside, and with such a beautiful country surrounding us, how can we not? But we also have fluctuating weather that could change in an instant. I can’t tell you how many times I have prepared for a hot day of riding and seen the weather flip on a dime half way through. And packing several pairs of lenses just in case the weather changes is never practical.

Adidas have advertised the new vario lens specifically for long distance mountain bike riding, but we can see so many more uses for this particular type of lens from motorcycling around the country and sailing up the coast to hiking up Table Mountain.

With this one lens, you now only need to pack one pair of glasses. The vario lens does the rest for you. This special photochromatic lens reacts to the changing light conditions automatically, providing you with the clearest vision possible throughout the day, no matter what the weather or surrounding conditions are.

Evil Eye Evo

What is also nice about the vario lens is the frame that Adidas chose to fit them into. The evil eye evo frame is well known for offering a massive range of vision with its extreme wrap-around design. The frame also provides an excellent amount of protection from wind and glare and fits snuggly on the face, making it the perfect frame for high speed or vigorous activities. The frames also come with sweat bar and fluorescent highlights just to make them that much cooler.

I really couldn’t think of a better pair of glasses to wear when I am out riding, so you can be sure I’ll be getting myself a pair of these very soon. If you yourself are interested in trying these lenses and frames out, why not give one of our professional optometrists a call at your local EyeQ store and we will be happy to give you a demonstration.

To get hold of us, you can either call us on 0861 693 937, send us an e-mail at info@eyeq.co.za or visit us in person at one of our many optometry stores around Cape Town and Pretoria.

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