New EyeQ store in Pretoria

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New EyeQ store in Pretoria

EyeQ has become a well-known name in field of optometry (specifically here in Cape Town). Our name has been built over the years on the foundation of our tireless dedication to customer service, innovation and eye care. Over the years we have strived to create the best optometrist stores in the Western Cape, from providing top quality glasses frames to manufacturing personalised contact lenses, and we have always gone the extra mile when it comes to your eyes.

But now as we grow and our reach gets further, we have decided to expand our services into the rest of South Africa, starting in Gauteng. Alongside the recent partnership with Vision Optometrists in Cresta, we have chosen to open our very own EyeQ store in Pretoria at the Menlyn Park Shopping Centre!

Menlyn Park Stores & Optometrists

Everyone is welcome to visit our new EyeQ store in Menlyn Park and meet with our resident leading optometrists Junilla Gabel (one of our partners from Vision) and David Erasmus. Junilla & David will be managing the store and be available for professional optometry appointments. If you are interested you can book your appointment by calling the Menlyn Park store direct: (012) 348 2470

David Erasmus graduated with a Bachelor’s degree in Optometry from the University of Free State in 2012. During the next few years, he achieved two recognition awards, accepted a position to work abroad and has spent the last two years in practice in Trinidad and Tobago. “Working and travelling abroad have taught me many things about dealing with different people from different backgrounds, as well as how to handle situations out of your comfort zone. Finding solutions to situations and problems you have never experienced before has put me in good stead and taught me valuable skills that have helped greatly in a practice setting” On top of the new EyeQ store, Menlyn park shopping centre itself has just embarked on one of the biggest upgrades yet to be undertaken; at an estimated cost of R2 Billion this will make Menlyn the go-to-shopping destination in the country. Along with it, EyeQ Menlyn will become Gauteng’s go-to-store for all your optometrist needs

Eye Care Coming To Gauteng

While Cape Town has profited greatly from all the EyeQ stores providing exceptional eye care to local residents, Gauteng has been missing out on this type of specialist care. Our new expansion into Pretoria brings you access to a wide selection of prescription glasses, fashionable frames and designer sunglasses. But fashionable glasses are not our primary focus… your eye health is. Our new store in Menlyn Park also comes with an on-site laboratory and a digital direct-link to our lens suppliers creating a speedy solution to having your custom spectacles delivered to you. The new store will also be open 7 days a week for your convenience and provide top quality eye care services to anyone who needs it.

EyeQ Menlyn

Head down to the Menlyn Park Shopping Centre today and see the store for yourself. Or feel free to call David (our resident professional optometrist) on (012) 348 2470 to book a private appointment.

Shop LF24 Menlyn Park Shopping centre
C/O Atterbury & Lois Ave Menlyn 

Tel: (012) 348 2470 
Hours Mon – Thurs & Sat: 9:00am -7:00pm 
Fri: 9:00 am – 9:00 pm 
Sun: 9:00 am – 5:00 pm

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