LaFont Glasses Exclusive to EyeQ Cavendish

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LaFont Glasses Exclusive to EyeQ Cavendish

A few weeks ago we talked about the introduction of the William Morris Eyewear range, but this week I would like to introduce a new brand, one that is exclusive to the EyeQ Cavendish store and one that definitely stands out from the crowd – LaFont.

EyeQ is dedicated to providing only the best in eyewear, both in spectacles and sunglasses. To do this however, we need to keep up with global trends and stock world class brands. As a part of this service, we have introduced LaFont eyewear to our Cavendish stock and they are now available for you to try on for yourself. For those of you who may not be familiar with what LaFont stands for or what they have to offer, let’s take a look at where they came from and why they are considered global leaders in eyewear and fashion.

Origins Of LaFont

The LaFont brand can trace its history back a little over 90 years, all the way back to 1923. Here the brand patriarch Louis LaFont, opened his first boutique in Paris which was dedicated to selling hearing aids and spectacles. But it wasn’t until 1972, that his grandson Phillipe LaFont took the brand to the next level. Phillipe and his wife Laurence (who was a fashion designer at the time) began collaborating with major fashion houses like Chanel and Hermes, bringing about a whole new range of LaFont glasses that began to make waves all over the world.

Their new spectacle designs became the talk of fashion houses and optometrists in the 70’s and the LaFont name quickly became synonymous with Parisian flair, style and luxury. Soon the world began to recognise LaFont for their innovative designs, stunning glasses frames, wild shapes and exuberant colours. It wasn’t just their standout designs that caught everyone’s attention though, their attention to detail, quality craftsmanship and elegant designs are what truly made their brand famous.

Buy LaFont Glasses At EyeQ

Today LaFont has become a globally recognised leader in fashionable eyewear. Each season they unveil up to 30 new eyeglass models hand made in France, each new range including flamboyant shapes in exciting and vibrant colours. These eyewear ranges are exported to over 40 countries and incorporate smart tailored designs for men, luxurious feminine designs for women as well as fun styles for kids.

Their designs are adventurous, spunky and bold; all the while maintaining a certain elegance that has become synonymous with their brand. Their contemporary designs feature complimentary styling and come in a vast range of full rim, semi-rimless and rimless frames. They are a popular choice for people who have come to expect a certain quality, elegance and sophistication from their eyeglasses while retaining a fashionable look that makes a personal statement.

If this brand interests you, why not head down to EyeQ Cavendish yourself and have a look at what is available. You are welcome to call us on 021 683 4546 to set up an appointment or ask questions about LaFont, each of our optometrists are highly qualified to assist you in finding not only the right prescription glasses for you, but the right styleto suit your personal taste.

See you soon!

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