Keeping an Eye on your Childs Vision

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Keeping an Eye on your Childs Vision

Just as general doctor check-ups and regular dentist visits are essential for your child, so too are visits to the eye doctor. Yet its estimated that 24% of parents wait until children display signs of not being able to see properly before they consider taking them to the optometrist.

Good eye health is an important part of every child’s development and something that parents should pay close attention to. It is recommended that by the age of 6 a child has had a minimum of 3 eye tests to ensure they can see properly and that their eyes have developed in the expected way. There’s a common misconception that children should only see an optometrist if they need glasses, but optometrists are also able to address other eye health concerns that parents may not even be aware of.

At EyeQ we offer child friendly eye tests and our optometrists are able to assist with ensuring your child sees clearly.

Identifying Eye Issues

Children who suffer from uncorrected vision conditions or who have eye health problems will face a number of barriers in life. They will be challenged academically, socially and even athletically, as they won’t be able to see as well as their peers. Quality eye care can effectively break down these barriers, put children on an even footing and allow them to reach their full potential.

Often children who simply need prescription glasses are diagnosed as having a learning difficulty, or are considered badly behaved as they act out when they cannot see properly, and thus cannot engage or enjoy the same activities. Signs to looks out for that may identify an eye issue or poor vision include:

  • A need to sit very close to the blackboard
  • Struggling to read, form shapes or copy letters
  • Consistently messy writing or colouring
  • Irritability with any learning material
  • Inability to participate in sports (especially those that involve hitting a ball or aiming for a target)
  • Complaints of headaches

Addressing Vision Problems

Physiologically, vision isn’t something that just happens, a child’s brain learns how to use the eyes, just as they’d learn to speak or walk. The longer poor vision remains undiagnosed, the longer the brain has to accommodate the problem. It’s for this reason that regular eye tests are essential, and early diagnosis and treatment provides the very best opportunity for parents to correct vision problems.

In some cases, children may require prescription glasses that are designed to strengthen the eye and after awhile, may not be necessary. In other cases, glasses may be required on a more permanent basis, or reading glasses may be needed. If your child wears glasses, an annual check up essential, as eyes can change as they grow.

Contact lenses are not generally recommended for children but with so many different options available on the market some kids may prefer them, especially if they are very athletic. At EyeQ we can determine what type of contacts are best, teach your child how to fit them easily, and educate them on how to look after them. If children have opted for contact lenses an annual check up is just as essential as their prescription may change.

Healthy eyes and good vision are key tools in children’s development, and EyeQ is here to assist in ensuring that your child can see properly and has good eye health!

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