Introducing William Morris Eyewear

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Introducing William Morris Eyewear

EyeQ is proud to announce the latest William Morris collection newly introduced to our EyeQ Cavendish store!

Along with their cutting-edge London Summer & Spring 2015 range, comes this funky London Urban range of eyewear with contemporary & edgy British style design. 

Following in the wake of William Morris’ very well received Winter & Autumn range, these modern style glasses are currently very high in demand all across the globe, so we decided to bring them into South Africa and share their unique designs with you.

Who Is William Morris?

Nineteen years ago, Robert William Morris started a new independent company that focused on superb British design in eyewear. Since then, this very English brand has made waves all over the world with their incredibly edgy and colourful designs.

Their Philosophy? To create designer glasses that appeal to everyone while offering top quality service and unparalleled creative design. Did they succeed? Absolutely… not only have they managed to grow from almost nothing in 1996 to a world-wide respected powerhouse in eyewear design, their collections have made strides that have moved with the times, offering unique modern outlooks on the designer eyewear of today.

William Morris holds their head high as their designer glasses are paraded down catwalks all around the world. Proudly British and originally designed in London itself, William Morris works closely with London Fashion Week to maintain the same level of dedication and passion for great quality eyewear that they always have. Not only were they awarded the “Supplier of the year” award for 2013, they were nominated as one of the top brands for the “Frame of the Year” awards for the last 2 years running.

Order Your William Morris Glasses Today

This incredibly distinguishing brand has been relentlessly dedicated to providing stunning eyewear for opticians in Cape Town and all around the globe, and we are proud to say we now number amongst these. This brand has been known for a long time for their fun, quirky and distinctly British character which shines through in both their exceptional customer service as well as their truly unique designs. They have stayed up to date with all the latest technological advances that have made glasses highly advanced fashion accessories, making William Morris one of the most sought after eyewear brands on the market today.

As a premium brand, all orders are delivered directly from their headquarters in the UK and we can place those orders for you from our Cavendish Square store. So next time you are in Cavendish Square, feel free to pop in to EyeQ and ask about William Morris or any of the other designer frames that might tickle your fancy.

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