How to choose glasses that suit your face

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How to choose glasses that suit your face

Choosing a style of glasses that will suit the shape of your face can be a daunting task. Maybe not to those that have been wearing glasses for a long time and already know what works for them or are comfortable with what they have. But for those of us that are looking at our first pair of glasses, choosing the right style to suit us might not be easy as we initially thought. 

Do you choose the rectangular frames with the thick black rims, or the thin round glasses? Just like tailored and untailored clothes, the right choice of style can enhance your good features and the wrong choice can enhance the wrong features. Choosing a pair of glasses or frames that suit you, is about knowing what works with what shape of face, so let’s have a look at the guidelines.

Know Your Own Face Shape

Step one is knowing what shape your own face is and step two is about knowing what works with what face shape. So how do you find out the shape of your own face? The best way is to ask someone you trust to have a look and try to compare it to the shapes listed below. The more honest they are, the better you can make an informed decision. Alternatively stand in front of a large enough mirror, pull your hair back and out the way, take some lipstick and draw the shape of your own face in the mirror. This should give you a good idea of what shape your face is.

Next is to know what styles of sunglasses or glasses suit which face shape. The shapes of faces we will cover today are round, oval, square, rectangular and heart shaped. In each section we will look at what styles of glasses complement what face shape and how to choose. A few notes to consider before we begin though…

  • Firstly, your choice in frame colour should highlight your best feature… for instance if you have green eyes, use green frames to highlight this.
  • Secondly your frame shape should contrast the shape of your own face.
  • Lastly the size of your glasses frames should proportionately match the size of your face

Glasses For Round Faces

With fuller cheeks, a rounded chin and a wide forehead, this face shape will be as tall as it is wide. The idea when looking for a frames to suit this face shape is to go for strong sharp shapes to contrast your face. You can also consider frames that sweep up on the outer edges as these will highlight your cheeks and improve the focus to the eyes. Try to avoid circular or rounded glasses like John Lennon or Harry Potter wore.

Glasses For Oval Faces

Oval faces are all about gentle curves with a slight pinch at the chin and forehead. Usually with this face shape, your cheeks are higher up and your face is a lot easier to work with than most. The versatility of an oval face shape allows you to choose from square and rectangular glasses frames that will compliment your face shape nicely, while other shapes are fair game such as oval and rounded edges, as long as you keep proportions in mind. The last thing you want to do with an oval shaped face is choose glasses that are either too big or too small as it will throw off the natural balance of the face.

Glasses For Square Faces

Having a square face means you possess a strong jawline and broad forehead. Everything about the square face is proportionate, just as wide as it is tall. If you looking for shapes to compliment your strong features then try out some softer shapes like oval and round frames. Also look for glasses that sit high on your nose as this will help to lengthen your face. Try to avoid adding to your sharp features by choosing glasses that have rigid lines and sharp curves.

Glasses For Rectangular Faces

Rectangular face shapes have a lot in common with square faces, but they longer in height than they are in width. Typically you will have a tall forehead and high cheekbones so try to find frame shapes that break up the length of your face. Look for glasses frames that accent your brow line by providing a strong horizontal element to the shape. Again, shapes that have softer edge and rounded features will soften the angularity of your face. Avoid narrow shaped lenses at all costs as these will bring focus to the height of your face. You can also go for wider frames as these will balance your face out a little better.

Glasses For Heart Shaped Faces

Heart shaped faces can be found in people with broad foreheads and small thin chins. Generally with this face shape the cheekbones tend to follow the contour of the face in an upward sweeping angle. This face shape can be tricky and what you want to do is try and find a shape that contrasts the varying widths of your face. Look for rimless glasses or frames that are thin and metal. Avoid overly embellished and heavy frames as these can overwhelm the face.

If you have any questions or want professional advice on what style and type of spectacles or sunglasses to get, you are always welcome to call us on 0861 693 937 or head down to one of our Cape Town stores and speak with an optometrist in person.

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