How Eye Care Donations Make a Difference

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How Eye Care Donations Make a Difference

At EyeQ we support a number of charitable endeavours, and we make it easy for you to get involved too. We support an initiative led by OneSight and promote the #UNBLUR Life campaign that aims to help disadvantaged children and adults see clearly.

We also promote all the World Sight Day initiatives and provide information as to how you can contribute and take part in the different fund raising programs and events. From competitions to buying wristbands, making cash donations or getting involved on social media, EyeQ makes sure that you can contribute to worthy causes that give others the gift of sight.

Helping School Children See Cleary

Our youth are the future, and at EyeQ we understand how detrimental poor sight can be to a child’s development. In an effort to assist less fortunate children in South Africa that potentially have poor eyesight, we run an eye testing program every Tuesday. Children from underprivileged schools have their eyes tested by one of our optometrists, and if needs be, are give prescription glasses to correct their vision.

This program is the result of a collaboration with OneSight and is supported by Luxottica, who supply frames free of charge, and Essilor, who contribute the lenses. These contributions make the program possible and allow us to provide a service that’s invaluable.

Every year EyeQ proudly helps a large number of children see clearly, some for the first time, thanks to this simple initiative that’s supported by our optometrists and some of the world’s leading eye care and glasses brands.

An Eye On Progress

Apart from the obvious benefits of providing a child with unhindered vision, there are numerous benefits to aiding and assisting those who cannot see clearly.

The benefits of good eyesight extend far beyond the physical, and can improve a child’s life emotionally, developmentally and psychologically too. Once a child can clearly see the blackboard, their learning processes won’t be disrupted, they will have improved confidence and they will be able to develop at a normal rate. This secures them a better, brighter future.

For underprivileged adults, poor eyesight is also a hindrance and EyeQ aims to assist where we can, and to promote initiatives that fund eye tests, glasses and eye care for those who cannot afford them on their own.

A Vision Of Tomorrow

Countless worthwhile causes require donations and eyesight is perhaps one that’s not always given the attention it deserves. For an estimated 39 million people globally, blindness is a reality, but what’s even more concerning is that 80% of all blindness can be cured.

A simple eye test can pick up a condition that requires treatment, or the need for corrective eyewear, and by donating to a cause that supports this type of initiative you can make a difference. Even a small donation can make a huge impact, and with annual campaigns run by World Sight Day partners, you can choose how to contribute in a way that suits you. Donations do not have to be monetary; even donating a few minutes of your time to share a post on Facebook or retweet on Twitter can aid in creating awareness and encourage others to become involved.

In 2017 World Sight Day will fall on the 12th of October, but keeping an eye on charities that support vision is something that you and EyeQ can do, all year round.

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