Get the Most out of your Oakleys Eyeware with this Great Deal

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Get the Most out of your Oakleys Eyeware with this Great Deal

If you treat yourself to a pair of Limited Edition Green Fade Oakleys before the end of Sunday the 9th of October 2016, you won’t just be getting hold of eyewear fitted with state-of-the-art technology and style to spare – you can take 50% off any other eyewear brand on sale in your nearest EyeQ store too!

The EVZero™ Path™ PRIZM™ Field Green Fade Edition offers speed and engineering for those who require it, and is the perfect fit for running; training; or whatever physical field you may currently be exploring.

The lightest possible performance frame and toric Plutonite shield feature provides rimless design as well as a totally unobstructed view. Perfect for every possibility! This exclusive sale provides you with the chance to increase your performance ability with the latest piece of wearable tech, and improve your game as quickly as you up the style factor!

The Best Things Take A Little Time

The fact that the lenses for the Limited Edition Green Fade Oakleys were under construction for 15 years should give you a clue as to their quality –while you may wonder what could possibly be the result of such an extended exploration into just what sunglass-lenses should and could be doing, the product speaks for itself! Thanks to the time and care Oakleys has taken with these sunglasses, you can be sure that the only light that gets to your eyes is the good kind, and your eyes will need to make far less adjustments and be able to provide you with vision that is consistently clearer and more distinct, no matter what the pace of your workout may be!

First-Rate Features For Your Face

The revolutionary PRIZM™ lens technology allows you to fine-tune your vision for particular environments –you are certain to be very pleasantly surprised when you start being able to see what you may have been missing! The Prizm lens Oakleys have been made with athletes in mind, and manage to make sure you stay stylish as you sweat yourself to better health, and protect your eyes as you get to the business of staying fit and healthy.

The three-point fit that the Limited Edition Green Fade Oakleys with Prizm lenses have in place means that you are able to enjoy accurate optical alignment while at the same time doing away with pressure points, and the Unobtainium® earsocks and nosepads allow you to increase your grip as and when you need to, without having to run the risk of slipping occurring thanks to the perils of perspiration.

Make The Most Of Modern-Day Wearable Tech

EyeQ is giving you the opportunity to taste the future with their Limited Edition Green Fade Oakleys with Prizm Lenses sale available until Sunday the 9th of October. Grab your pair today, and enjoy the massive discount on your next pair! The limit is one pair per customer, make sure you get yours

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