Fit your Spectacles with TrueForm Technology

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Fit your Spectacles with TrueForm Technology

We really enjoy talking about the latest technologies in eyewear. But forgive us, we are optometrists after all, and the idea of bringing in new technologies that improve the lives of our customers get us really excited.

The latest spectacle lens technology to get us roused and what we would like to talk to you about today is Hoya’s TrueForm digital lens production technology.

Just recently Hoya expanded their already impressive portfolio of lenses with the new and state-of-the-art digital TrueForm Technology, which we are proud to say have now included as part of our many eye health services here at EyeQ. It may sound at first like just another type of lens (same as the all the others) and you might be thinking, why read on? Bear with us though; these lenses might just change your life for the better.

What Is TrueForm?

Instead of the traditional method of making lenses which involves the lens being ground, TrueForm lenses are built up almost like you would build a wall, brick by brick. Except instead of bricks, they use tiny pixelated points to build up the lens surface and then smooth it over to create a clear optical surface. The reason we call this “innovative lens technology” is because the process they use to create these prescription lenses use complex algorithmic calculations to achieve the final product.

With Hoya’s ability to cut your prescription spectacle lenses with such incredible precision, we are able to optimise every single lens for its own specific prescription as well as manufacture the lens to fit any frame you like or conform to any personal parameters that you might need. But how does this actually help you?

Well… normal prescription glasses and lenses tend to cause aberrations in vision around the periphery. This happens primarily because of the curvature of the glasses’ lens. Normal prescription lenses have a focal point and when you rotate your eye horizontally or vertically, that curvature and lens thickness causes optical errors. With this new TrueForm digital technology, because of the way the lens is built up, each tiny pixelated point is designed to correct that aberration giving you a much wider field of clear vision compared with traditional spectacle lenses.

Improve Your Vision

And this is what makes us so excited when we talk about this new digital form of lens production. Not only does it take into account each individual lens prescription and change the traditional design format into a digital format, it allows you (the wearer) a much wider field of clear vision, as well as improving your comfort by reducing the strain on your eyes.

As always, if you would like to know more about TrueForm lenses or have any questions surrounding what we talked about today, our qualified opticians are always happy to speak with you in person and offer you professional advice. You can either call us on 0861 693 937, pop down into one of our Cape Town stores or visit our new optometry store in Pretoria East at the Menlyn Shopping Centre to find out more.

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