Eyezen Makes Going Online Easier on the Eyes

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Eyezen Makes Going Online Easier on the Eyes

Eyezen has coined the term ‘FOBO’ an acronym for ‘Fear of Being Offline’, something that’s a fast becoming a problem for the digitally connected generation. When staring at a blue-lit screen starts becoming uncomfortable, eyestrain kicks in and hours spent on smartphones, tablets or PC’s begins taking their toll, FOBO becomes a reality.

In an effort to prevent FOBO and to assist with visual strain caused by the myriad of electronic devices that we stare at daily, Essilor has created a product to come to our rescue. Innovative lightweight and durable, Essilor’s Eyezen lenses can be used in prescription or non-prescription glasses and should reduce the chances of FOBO dramatically.

Digital Drama

Over the last 20 years vision problems caused by digital screens have been studied extensively. These studies have been kicked up a notch recently, as smartphone and tablet use has become increasingly prevalent. A dynamic change in lifestyle and a reliance on technology has meant that eyes are taking strain in a whole new way.

Staring at a screen, whether for work, study, social, game or other purposes, can have a detrimental effect on your eyes. Essilor, a world leader in the prescription lens field realised there was a desperate need for a product offering protection from daily exposure to electronic devices, as todays technologically driven lifestyle seems to be the way of the future. By creating Eyezen lenses they have they have met the demand for a product that both protects and future proofs.

Moving Beyond Correction

Eyezen lenses have moved beyond the need for simply correcting vision, and focus on protecting it too. The challenge to design a solution that preserves vision and eye health is one Essilor has taken up, and their lenses are not only suited for those who wear prescription glasses, they are also ideal for anyone who needs to protect their eyes from electronic glare on a regular basis.

Over the course of 4 years, Essilor developed its Light Scan technology. This technology can help prevent premature ageing of the eye, as well as providing immediate comfort benefits to anyone wearing glasses kitted out with Eyezen lenses. Reduced glare and contrast improvement take strain off the eyes, and make spending long periods of time in front of a bright screen far more comfortable. LED light no longer needs to be an issue and by donning a pair of glasses, users can protect their eyes from immediate strain and future damage.

A Prescription That Protects

For those who require a prescription for myopia, presbyopia, astigmatism or any other eye related issue, protecting the eyes is also of the utmost importance. Eyezen lenses have been designed to replace an ordinary prescription and to provide the wearer with glasses that allow them to see clearly and stay protected. Three optimisations suited to three age profiles have been developed, and by using Eyezen Light Scan and Eyezen Focus technology, anyone who wears glasses with these lenses will be protected from digital stress.

Eyezen lenses can be fitted to almost style of frame, so whether you prefer the chic simplicity of Mykita, the classic look of Paul Smith, the bespoke artisanal style of Oliver Peoples or any other brand, you can still look after your eyes.

To ensure you never have FOBO, chat to an EyeQ professional at one of our branches and make sure your eyes are always well protected

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