EyeQ Makes a Difference

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EyeQ Makes a Difference

EyeQ believes in giving back to the community and works side by side with OneSight to assist underprivileged kids and help them see clearly. Every Tuesday, EyeQ collaborates with OneSight and offers less fortunate children the chance to have their eyes tested, and if required, supplies them with the necessary prescription glasses.

This service is also a combined effort, as Luxottica assists with supplying frames and Essilor contributes the lenses.

Promoting Education Through Eyewear

What many people don’t realise is that there’s an incredibly strong link between being able to see properly and learning. A child who has blurry or distorted vision is not able to follow instruction easily or be part of a lesson. Often, poor eyesight leads to frustration and children may be considered problematic or develop behavioural issues simply due to the fact that they are unable to take part in what is going on.

EyeQ wants to help those who are in this situation, yet cannot afford optometry services. By joining forces with OneSight and teaming up with Essilor and Luxottica, who are the world’s biggest spectacle and sunglasses manufacturers, we’re able to make an impact at a grassroots level and offer support to the poorer communities.

World Sight Day

In addition to offering underprivileged children the chance to see clearly, EyeQ also supports World Sight Day, an initiative led by OneSight. World Sight Day takes place on the 23rd of October and OneSight used the occasion to launch their #UNBLUR Life campaign to draw attention to the vision care crises.

#UNBLUR Life is a digital movement that intends to unite people across the globe and show first hand what a difference access to vision care and a pair of glasses can make. A child’s life can change when they are given a pair of glasses, and with statistics showing that 1 in 7 people can’t see clearly and cannot afford to correct this; it’s a cause well worth highlighting.

Clear sight can empower and improve confidence and allow children to develop to their full potential. Without the help of OneSight and their supporters so many more kids would be left without the ability to see properly.

Getting Involved

The #UNBLUR Life campaign is one that’s gathering momentum and over the course of October there were numerous ways for you to get involved. Members of the public can sign up and support the campaign on Thunderclap, can share the campaign video on their preferred social media platforms, or participate in the #UNBLUR party on Twitter.

This campaign hopes to create awareness about a global movement and to highlight the importance of everyone being able to see clearly. Together, with EyeQ, OneSight and the global community those with eye issues or sight problems can be helped, and every single contribution of any kind can really make a huge difference.

EyeQ is committed to helping the community and ensuring that less fortunate children also have a chance at being able to see unimpeded. Good vision is the key to a brighter future and by working side by side with OneSight we hope to make a difference, one pair of glasses at a time!

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