Eye Care New Years Resolutions

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Eye Care New Years Resolutions

As the New Year rolls around we all make resolutions that we hope we’ll stick to, but generally a few days into January our good intentions go out the window, and we carry on as before.

This year EyeQ challenges you to make a few eye care and eye health resolutions that you can see out. Your eye health is important, and we’ve made it so much easier for you to ensure that you look after your sight, so there’s no excuse!

Get Your Eyes Tested

Just like you have an annual check-up with the dentist (or so you should!) you should do the same for your eyes. An eye test doesn’t only determine if you need glasses or contact lenses, it can also pick up whether or not you are developing eye health issues, such as glaucoma.

Having an eye test can help you preserve your sight, and at EyeQ we make use of state of the art optometry equipment that’s designed to provide optimum results. If you haven’t been seeing clearly or struggled to read from far or close up, get your eyes checked this year!

Check Your Prescription

If you already wear glasses or use contact lenses make sure that you check that your prescription is strong enough, and that it doesn’t need to be updated. As you age your eyes change and conditions such as astigmatism can worsen, and it’s important that your prescription is correct.

If you feel like you are straining your eyes or are getting headaches, chat to one of our optometrists and they will assist you.

Invest In Decent Sunglasses

If you’ve been donning cheap and cheerful sunglasses now is the time to ditch them and invest in a pair that offers adequate protection from the sun. We often don’t realise the importance of protecting our eyes properly from the sun, and wearing sunglasses that don’t shield you from harmful UV rays can do more harm than good.

We stock a wide range of top quality sunglasses to suit all styles and budgets, and every pair will offer adequate protection.

Explore Your Options

If you’ve always worn glasses and wanted to try contact lenses, make this a new year’s resolution. Contact lenses can fit in seamlessly with your lifestyle and are far less of a hindrance than glasses when engaging in physical activities.

There shouldn’t be anything stopping you from trying something different and at EyeQ we’ll help you determine what type of lenses are best, assist with a fitting, and ensure that you are 100% comfortable with making the swap.

Stay Up To Date With Eye Care Trends

As technology advances and changes so too do a number of different sectors, including optometry. EyeQ is a progressive optometry practice, and this means we always stay on the cutting edge of new technology and stock the latest eye care products.

You’ll find contact lenses from the world’s leading manufacturers such as Bausch & Lomb and Alcon available at our stores, along with cleaning solutions and other products that ensure the very best results.

These resolutions are simple to stick to and can change the way you see the world. Pop in to any one of our branches and we’ll help you view 2024 in the best light

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