Clariti – Better, Healthier Daily Contact Lenses

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Clariti – Better, Healthier Daily Contact Lenses

You are probably thinking exactly the same thing I was thinking when I was being sold on these new one day contact lens… “Yay… yet another disposable contact lens doing exactly the same thing as the last”.

But for once, I count myself corrected.

EyeQ’s focus has always been on improving the lives of everyone forced to wear spectacles or contact lenses. And in a bid to maintain only the best and latest in eye health technologies, EyeQ has added to their stock – Clariti One Day Contact Lenses. But we are not just adding these to our current stock of contact lenses and calling it a day, we are actively promoting this new product as our lens of choice in the daily modality.

CooperVision’s Daily Lens Family

Over 5 years of intensive research resulted in a new daily disposable contact lens that is smoother, breathes better, is healthier for your eye and covers almost every prescription. That may seem like quite the boast, but it’s true and it’s the reason we want our customer’s to know all about it.

This new product is called Clariti, is made by Sauflon which is part of the CooperVision family… and comes in 3 types that you can choose from:

  • Clariti 1 Day Spherical (For short and long sight)
  • Clariti 1 Day Multifocal (For near and far vision)
  • Clariti 1 Day Toric (For Astigmatism)

As you can see, they are available in Spherical, Toric and Multifocal. There is a lens suitable for most types of prescriptions and with the daily replacement and high oxygen permeability, they are an extremely healthy option for your eyes.

The Science Of Clariti

Clariti’s new daily disposable lenses are made from silicon hydrogel. Silicon molecules are hydrophobic which means they repel water. At first that sounded counterproductive to me, but with CooperVision using their unique aquagen technology, they can manipulate the structure of the silicon molecules so they become “hydrophilic”. Essentially this creates a lens that attracts and binds water molecules together, holding them tightly to the lens surface. The purpose of this of course is to create an ultra-comfortable unbroken cushion of water over the whole lens, thus creating the most comfortable disposable contact lenses in production.

The Advantages Of Clariti

  • UV protection to help promote long term ocular health
  • First 1 day multifocal silicon hydrogel lenses
  • First disposable contact lens for Presbyopia
  • Has the largest power range in a one day toric lenses
  • Has high Oxygen Transmissibility for breathability
  • More affordable disposable contact lenses

I could go on all day with the advantages that I have been reading about these unique one-day contact lenses. Even the smooth surface of Clariti lenses are designed to help eyelids glide effortlessly over the lens, making them super comfortable to wear. Clariti (Winners of the 2011 and 2012 “Contact lens – product of the year awards”) have proven to me beyond a shadow of a doubt, that they are the best daily disposables currently available in South Africa, which is why EyeQ is endorsing them with such enthusiasm.

If you have any questions about Clariti lenses or have any doubts about moving over towards daily disposable lenses, feel free to give any one of our qualified optometrists a call at your local EyeQ Store in Cavendish, Waterfront or Canal Walk. Or simply call us on 0861(MYEYES) 693 937 and follow the prompts.

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