EyeQ Gives back to the Community

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EyeQ Gives back to the Community

There really is nothing like the feeling of giving back to the community.

EyeQ recently partnered with One Sight (an international charity) in the beginnings of what we hope to be a lasting community drive to help less fortunate children with eyesight problems.

Together with Essilor (a company that specialises in making spectacle lenses) and Luxottica (a company that makes frames for glasses), EyeQ brought in four kids from a school in Khayelitsha to have their eyes tested. All four met with our optometrists in person and were given full eye tests along with prescriptions, while Essilor made up their lenses and Luxottica provided the frames.

Give A Little, Get A Lot…

We followed up with everyone after they had visited our offices to see if we had managed to make a difference, and received such fantastic feedback on the services we offered that we thought we had to share it with you. We were also fortunate enough to get some feedback from the partner NPO who accompanied the learners to our optometry store.

– “The morning ran very smoothly and the EyeQ staff were amazing! When we did a debrief of the learners’ experience on the way back to school, they all mentioned how they experienced such kindness and respect from the staff and how they have learnt from this – that it is better to treat people like this instead of harshly. What an incredible lesson.”

– “The voucher program is picking up speed thanks to EyeQ and Essilor, you are both such wonderful companies, and more importantly – people. Thank you!”

– “I was motivated to focus on what is important in life and not get distracted. I realised that the people who assisted us had built up skill in their career and specifically noticed how they were able to function all the machines and equipment because of this skill. I realised that I also need to focus on building up my skill. – Gr10 Learner

– “When we walked into EyeQ’s store, I thought that the staff were going to be rude to us and look down on us because we are children. When I was taken for the testing alone, I was scared. Then the lady who was testing me told me not to be scared and I realised that she was a ‘wonderful lady’ who treated me kindly and did not look down on children.” – Gr8 learner (who would like to be a social worker)

– “I learnt not to judge a book by its cover. I was surprised at the kindness and respect that we were treated with by the adults (staff).” – Gr10 learner

– “I was inspired and motivated to continue working hard at school through the experience because I would like to be an optometrist too.” – Gr10 learner

It’s great to know that our work made at least a small difference and look forward to helping out again. Let us know your thoughts and any ideas you might have on ways we can give back to our community by visiting the EyeQ Facebook page and leaving a message.

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