Alcon Named 2016 Product of the Year

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Alcon Named 2016 Product of the Year

Alcon (formerly known as Ciba Vision) have a reputation for innovation and it’s clear to see that a huge number of people appreciate the contact lens, eyewear and eye care products they manufacture.

Their dedication to continuing to create contact lenses and solutions that allow for maximum comfort and minimum effort have been lauded, and their CLEAR CARE® PLUS with HydraGlyde™ recently claimed the title for Eye Care Product of the Year in the Consumer Survey of Product Innovation Awards.

It’s Alcon’s first ever consumer-voted for award and it’s certainly one that’s well deserved. The brand has become renowned for their world-class products and consumers are fast discovering that innovations in eye care can make a difference to their lifestyle.

What Are The Product Of The Year Awards?

Product of the Year is a company that was established 29 years ago and is now operational in 42 countries across the globe. The company’s goal is to guide consumers towards the best on-shelf or over the counter products, all whilst rewarding brands for quality and innovation. The company’s awards are held annually and over the years, innovation has become a major focus as technology made massive strides forward.

The ‘Product of the Year Awards’ focuses on newly released products that are placed into 29 categories. A category winner is decided by the results of a TNS survey, which has been completed by 40,000 consumers. Alcon’s CLEAR CARE® PLUS with HydraGlyde™ beat several other products to claim the title of the Eye Care Product of 2016.

Big Winners In The Eye Care World

Alcon’s impressive win was announced by Saturday Night Live alum Rachel Dratch at the Product of the Year Awards ceremony held in the Edison Ballroom, in New York. A host of other celebrities and industry leaders were in attendance, and in over nearly 3 decades, these awards have gathered a huge following.

Carla Mack, the Director of Professional & Clinical Support at Alcon was thrilled that CLEAR CARE® PLUS with HydraGlyde™ was the winner of the Eye Care award and stated that the product has been very well received by optometrists, eye care professionals and consumers. Previous winners have enjoyed a boost in sales after winning the award and Alcon has now been given the edge too.

CLEAR CARE® PLUS With HydraGlyde™ Explained

CLEAR CARE® PLUS with HydraGlyde™ was launched in 2015 and is the only hydrogen peroxide cleaning solution for contact lenses that contains Alcon’s HydraGlyde™ Moisture Matrix technology. This solution disinfects and cleans unlike any standard multi-purpose one, as it combines the power of peroxide with the neutralising properties of a gentle saline solution.

CLEAR CARE® PLUS with HydraGlyde™ has proven to provide contact lens wearers with lenses that feel cleaner, that are more comfortable and provide more hours of wear when compared to those cleaned in multi-purpose solutions. This innovative product also does away with using harsh chemicals and preservatives, and many consumers have reported feeling the difference when wearing lenses that have been cleaned with CLEAR CARE® PLUS with HydraGlyde™.

If you’d like to know more about Alcon products, please feel free to chat to any one of our optometrists. EyeQ stocks several products in Alcon’s range and our professional staff are happy to assist you in choosing ones to suit your lifestyle.

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