Alcon Dailies Offer Contact Lens Comfort at its Optimum

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Alcon Dailies Offer Contact Lens Comfort at its Optimum

There are numerous advantages to opting for single wear contact lenses and many people prefer dailies that can be thrown away after a single use. Alcon’s daily contact lenses have ushered in a new era in comfort and offer an easy to use solution for anyone who wants to do away with wearing glasses, or even switch between the two, with no hassle and no fuss.

Alcon is Novartis’ eye care division and a world leader in its field. Their innovative products are designed to enhance quality of life and to help people see better, with comfort. Made up of 3 core businesses, the Pharmaceutical, Surgical and Vision Care, Alcon has more than 25,000 employees worldwide and operates in 75 countries, including South Africa.

Innovative Dailies Developments

Alcon’s most popular dailies are the TOTAL1 water gradient contact lenses. These lenses offer complete comfort for the whole day and are the world’s first water gradient lens, which means that they breathe incredibly efficiently. The TOTAL1 lenses have the highest oxygen transmissibility of any disposable lens, and are also suitable for sensitive eyes.

Alcon has always been at the forefront of innovation and their lenses that feature a built-in water gradient were a real break through. The fact that they can be worn daily and are so disposable makes them particularly appealing, and it has been reported that nine out of ten wearers didn’t feel a thing when wearing them, and found application far easier than many other lens products. End of day dryness was also almost eliminated, and wearers generally agreed that they didn’t experience any sort of irritation after wearing the TOTAL1 lenses all day.

Alcon Dailies Advantages

The advantages of dailies can be summed up quickly and simply. Every day sees you wearing a new pair that’s completely sterile, well moisturised and in perfect condition, all factors that are essential to comfortable contact wear. It’s also always been thought that discarding contact lenses after a shorter time period was a better idea, especially for those with sensitive eyes.

Alcon has offered an innovative, cost effective solution for all wearers who prefer contact lenses to spectacles, and their range of lenses are designed to be disposed of after one wear. With single use contacts, wearers do not have to worry about the purchase of contact lens solution, cases and other lens care products, as there’s no need to keep them clean and sterile in between uses.

Dailies are ideal or those with busy lifestyles or who travel regularly, as they can simply pack a few pairs and wear them as needed. Being able to switch between wearing glassesand dailies also gives you the choice of what suits you best, and you can co ordinate your eyewear or lenses to specific occasions.

Can I Wear Alcon Dailies?

In all likelihood you probably can. An EyeQ optometrist can tell you for sure, as it may depend on your particular prescription and your lifestyle requirements.

In addition to Alcon’s TOTAL1 range of dailies there are also colour contact lenses to change your look, and a number of other eye care products that will make seeing clearly comfortable and easy.

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