Alain Mikli available at EyeQ Cavendish

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Alain Mikli available at EyeQ Cavendish

Amongst the world’s high end brands of sunglasses, very few stand out enough on their own that the simple mention of the name speaks for itself. Alain Mikliis one of these brands, an exclusive product for the discerning buyer, a brand that doesn’t need to advertise their name on their glasses where other people can see it.

It is with pride that we at EyeQ can say we now stock this exclusive brand at our Cavendish store in Claremont, Cape Town. If you are interesting in seeing what all the fuss is about or are already familiar with Alain Mikli and are seeking to indulge, then head on down to our EyeQ store at Cavendish Square and speak with the optometrist on duty.

Alain Mikli In South Africa

Alain Mikli (born Alain Miklitarian) founded his own company at the age of 23 with a very specific vision in mind. Not only did his dream look to amalgamating style with everyday eyewear, but he was determined to bring about a new era of eyewear for the world to enjoy.

Being a French-Armenian designer, Mikli decided to use unique colours and shapes to create designs that quickly became favourites amongst European celebrities. Although the styles were first embraced in the European regions, his fashion sense was soon adopted in America and not long after – the rest of the world. Since then the line of Alain Mikli has been worn by big name celebrities such as Elton John and Kayne West. Alain Mikli’s designer spectacle frames now stand apart from most other brands transforming everyday eyewear into “jewellery for the eyes”, in the way Alain Mikli first dreamed.

Collect Your Alain Mikli Glasses Today

EyeQ heralds a new age of progressive optometry in South Africa. Our focus is not just on good eye care and practical spectacles, we (like Alain Mikli) aim to bring together practical eyewear with modern fashion to create the perfect unique designer spectacle frames for you.

Head down to EyeQ Cavendish today and speak with an optometrist about showing you the latest stock of Alain Mikli’s exclusive spectacles and sunglasses. It’s time your spectacles became jewellery for your eyes!

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