5 Important Things to Know About Contact Lenses

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5 Important Things to Know About Contact Lenses

The though of swapping glasses for contact lenses may be a little bit daunting at first, but if you are well informed, you’ll find the switch simple and stress-free.

We’ve debunked some of the most common myths surrounding contact lenses so that you can gain a better understanding of how they could work for you.

Almost Everyone Can Wear Contact Lenses

Contact lenses have become incredibly versatile and there are a number of different options available for varying conditions. Lenses such as those made by Coopervision can be used by people who are long or short sighted, are astigmatic or have presbyopia, and almost any prescription can be accommodated.

Our qualified optometrists will be able to assist in prescribing the perfect pair of contact lenses, and if you want to add a little twist, you can even choose a coloured pair to alter or enhance your appearance.

There Are Lenses To Fit Your Lifestyle

Not all contact lenses are the same, and the length of time and activities they can be worn for differ greatly. You can choose daily wear, extended wear or disposable contact lenses, depending on your requirements.

Some contact lenses can even stay in whilst you are sleeping, but it’s essential to check whether or not yours are designed for this purpose. The days of a one-size-fits-all solution are long gone and brands such as Alcon strive to create lenses that suit a variety of different lifestyles.

Contact Lenses Should Be Comfortable

Putting in a contact lens may feel odd at first, but it doesn’t take long to get the hang of it. If a lens is clean and lubricated it should fit comfortably and the wearer shouldn’t be able to feel it.

If a lens irritates the eye there may be dirt trapped behind it, as aggravation or discomfort when wearing contacts is not the norm. Bausch and Lomb are a brand that’s very popular, as their lenses are incredibly comfortable and they make use of revolutionary technology to provide the best possible fit.

Easy Care Options Available

Keeping contact lenses clean shouldn’t be a chore and major advancements have been made with regards to making lenses easy to wear. Multipurpose solutions give wearers the option to disinfect, clean and store all in one, or you could opt for daily disposables that are discarded after one use. If you do opt for longer wear lenses, your case must always be kept clean.

If you wear coloured contact lenses purely for cosmetic purposes, you should employ the same standards of care as you would for prescription lenses, as they are still being used in the same manner.

Contact Lenses Can Be Worn For Sport

One of contact lenses many advantages is that they can be worn when playing sport. There’s no need for you to struggle with glasses slipping down your face, misting up or even getting damaged when you can opt for a comfortable, convenient alternative that also gives you clear vision.

With contact lenses you’ll also have better peripheral vision than when wearing glasses, improving your range and potentially your performance too. Contact lenses can even be worn for swimming, but you must check with your optometrist before doing so.

At EyeQ we have a great range of contact lenses to suit all requirements and our licenced optometrists will assist in prescribing a pair that’s perfect for you.

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